Facebook Lite Apk – Free Download For Androids (Latest Version)

By | March 25, 2017

Facebook Lite Apk : Facebook, as we all know is a social networking site, which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past years. It is also one of the biggest platforms for socializing oneself. The social networking site is very well known by people across the world as it is the best convenient source of chatting and socializing with one another.

Likewise, there have been some upgrades to the social networking site according to the need of the users as their own conformity. Like there is an introduction of the Facebook app and later the Facebook Messenger. Now another revolutionary new app has come up, which is known as the Facebook Lite, which is as the name suggests very light regarding the size. And not only that, the app is more efficient regarding connection as well.

The Facebook Lite requires a very less network in order to run, unlike the official Facebook app which takes a lot of time in booting in fewer networks, hence making it quite clear that it cannot run in less network coverage areas. But Facebook Lite can work without any issues.


 Features of Facebook Lite:

  1. The Facebook Lite, as I’ve already mentioned above is smaller in size and takes less time in installation as well as the device storage.
  2. The app works on older versions of Android phones as well, which is not at all compatible with the previous version of the Facebook app.
  3. The Facebook Lite consumes fewer data, which is better for the users, as they will be able to use more data.
  4. The app loads very fast and is very much essential in enhancing the whole new experience of Facebook browsing.
  5. The Facebook Lite app works on all networks. It is actually created keeping in mind about the 2G networks, and also the areas having less network coverage.

Pro of Facebook Lite apk :

  • You can choose the quality of the picture.
  • It is very light on resources.
  • You can post or update anything on facebook which doesn’t take much data connection even if you are out of the station.
  • It can send messages in any network connection, and also it takes only less than 1 MB.
  • More like a twitter fast and smooth.
  • It has more additional features that have added up more from the older version of Facebook.
  • It can set up privacy security of your account so that no one can hack your messages. You can either block those people whom you don’t want to keep in your friend list.

facebook lite apk

Cons of  Facebook Lite apk :

  • The app is a little bit faster than the older version, and even it may look dated, but sometimes it is good not to expect much.
  • It is good and to some extent fast even in lower bandwidth range, but the app is too simple which doesn’t work in our expectation.
  • Facebook Lite is not that featured as its original version.

How to Download the Facebook Lite APK :

The Facebook Lite is a very compact app. It is very easy to download this wonderful app in your device. All you need to do is follow these steps below:


  • At first choose, any one of the server location from Zippy share, send space, Apk 4 fun, 9Apps and request update where you can easily get the direct link to download Facebook Lite apk file.
  • After choosing it, you need to save the apk file in your sd card of your Android phone.
  • Then you will be required to open file manager for browsing and installing the facebook lite apk file.
  • But let me tell you there is only one original server APK 4 Fun.com which only shares Facebook Lite apk installer that can be available without any cheats and modify any permission.
  • It has bigger text button to text with your friends.
  • No requirement of pre-loading photos like the way you does on Facebook.

Facebook lite apk is the best and the latest version to use with a low internet connection. It has lots of features and sticker options that will always keep entertain you. It provides us fast loading even in 2G connection you will


So, what are you waiting for? Right after reading this review install it on your android and do enjoy it as it is the best app that consumes less data and gives you fast performance in finding things and uploading your photos without taking much time.

Facebook Lite Apk – Free Download For Androids (Latest Version)
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