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By | February 27, 2017

Facebook Messenger for iOS: Facebook Messenger is one of the best apps for messaging, video calling, sharing your location with your Facebook friends. This app allows you to keep contact with your Facebook friends through a text, SMS. You don’t have to pay for each and every text you send to your friends just on your internet, and there you go chatting, it works with your data plan.Facebook Messenger is one of the best apps than any other app as you can instantly reach to people for free and without cost. Most of the people are fond of Facebook chatting with the known and even the unknown people. Through this article, I would like to give you more information about this app.

Facebook Messenger For ios

About Facebook Messenger:

The most surprising is you don’t have to go through signing in to your account; Facebook Messenger is there to help you out. With this app you can create group chats with the people you chat the most; you can also message your phone contact friends just by entering a phone number. We have spoken much about the messenger, let us discuss in details the best features of facebook messenger for android.

What are the features of Facebook Messenger for iOS:

Here you can find one of the best messengers to communicate with your dear ones

Check out the features of Facebook Messenger for iOS:

  • The first feature is you can talk and chat as long as you wanted all over the world. Calls are free over Wi-Fi connection or else data charges is applicable
  • You can create group chats and keep them in one place and with that you can click selfies or shoot videos and send them without signing in to your account
  • You can also message your phone contact friends just add to a new contact
  • When using other apps you can keep your conversation online.
  • This app brings your conversation to life with beautiful stickers and also can do record voice messaging
  • The internet connection works smoothly in this app without making any disturbance
  • This app also allows you to turn on your location so that people could easily locate your place
  • This app also allows you to turn off notifications when you are busy, taking a nap or when you just needed a break
  • It also allows you to see who is available in the messenger and who is offline
  • It allows you to search people you wanted to chat
  • Last but not the least you can also create shortcuts so you can get to your friends very easily

How to Download and Install Facebook Messenger for iOS Phone:

Here is how you can download Facebook Messenger app for your iOS phone:

  • Go to the store app or tap the link on your iOS phone to install the app directly as some of the iOS phone has a downloaded facebook messenger app so just install it
  • For downloading the facebook messenger wait for a few minutes, and you can click the view in iTunes button
  • Tap the free button for downloading
  • Synchronize your iOS phone and install the app. After installing wait for few minutes and open the file
  • Now you are free to enjoy the facebook messenger app whenever you feel like chatting with your dear ones

facebook messenger install

How to Communicate in Facebook Messenger:

You can contact and communicate with your Facebook friends with just one single tap. You may find the app little simple because you cannot view all the details of a person without signing in your account and that takes a long procedure. As messenger is only focused on messaging the app is mind blowing as you create group chats, send selfies and photos directly in the conversation. Messaging not just with Facebook friends but also with your phone contacts friends and for that you just have to enter a phone number to add a new contact in the facebook messenger.


  • This app allows you to send voice messages
  • It also supports free calling over Wi-Fi
  • It allows to search location which is available
  • Lastly allows group messaging


Actually I couldn’t many cons in this app as this app is accepted and downloaded by most people world-wide. But in competition there are more versatile apps.Facebook Messenger app is one of the best apps for instant messaging with your friends. You can enjoy during leisure time or when you are tired of your work to freshen up your mind. If you find my article convenient, then start downloading.

Facebook Messenger for iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPadmini
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